In addition to the complete design of the moulds and dies we build, the following services are offered:

•Product Codesign: to help customers to design products starting from their requirements.
•Protoypes construction (in plastic, metal or hybrids) in small quantities, with a short lead time and low tooling costs, to allow our customers to test their new products before starting the mass production.
•Product engineering: to make customers' products more easily manufacturable on an industrial scale at lower costs and/or with higher quality.
•Consulting and feasibility studies: to help clients to identify new technological solutions or alternative materials, in a perspective of continuous improvement of their products or to develop innovative projects.
•Design and construction of automatic special machines, according to customer’s requirements.
•Design and construction of calibers, assembly tools and equipments, handlers and more in general mechatronic auxiliary equipments for production lines or automatic machines.
•Construction of spare parts, whether or not assembled, according to customer drawings.