We design, construct and test injection moulds for thermoplastic polymers, single or multicavities, with hot runner systems or interchangeability kits too. Our moulds are able to produce very accurate technical parts, small-medium sized, even in techno-polymer material. We can construct moulds designed by the customers and/or according to their specifications.

Our moulds typically have mould-bases in hardened and tempered steels, standard parts by famous international brands and cavities splitted in mosaic tassels made of special steels, hardened in our vacuum oven with nitrogen cooling.
All the manufacturing operations are made in our internal departments under self-control management, in order to monitor all the phases of the work cycle and to discover any defect as soon as possible.

Usually, the maximum external dimension of our moulds is about 800x800x800mm and they are suitable for producing items with a weight not higher than 500g, that means they can be used on an injection press of 200Ton.